Saturday Movies: Broken City (2013)

So many good actors, and such a blah story line. This movie had a lot of potential, but I think this political story line has been just too used in the past few years for one, and on top of that it’s almost so predictable that it isn’t that enjoyable to follow. I think though that at least Russel Crowe and Mark Walberg are both dedicated to their roles. I think what is a waste is some of the actors that you were hoping more from but barely used.

Summary: Billy thinks he has escaped the persecution of being accused of a crime from years ago, until the evidence that disappears turns up years later in an attempt to blackmail him into helping a man running again for mayor, Hosteler. He is wanting Billy to investigate who his wife has been having an affair with. Upon meeting with Cathleen though he discovers just how corrupted everything is. After a murder leaves Billy double crossed by the mayor his life unravels. He then strives to make things right, and get redemption from his own past by outing the destruction of the current political situation, but this also may end him as well.

Acting: If there is anything about the movie that is working for it it is the acting. Mark Walberg though is like most of his characters, and I can’t really think of anything he did to make this one vary from his past ones. It was just like a role that he fell into and then walked through doing the usual. The scenes with his on screen girlfriend were the most interesting though. There is also Russell Crowe, who does make a good buy guy as the Mayor. Catherine Zeta Jones doesn’t really get to stretch her skills as I think she deserves to in the movie though.

Filming: Allen Tucker has made a decently directed movie but nothing that really stretches me to analyze it or break it down. Maybe it’s because I watched the movie at 1 a.m. though. The movie has some cool night scenes, it moves well, it builds the intensity well, but it doesn’t dig to really go the extra mile for the shots that would amp it up.

Plot: The plot I think is intriguing, but if you’re not a fan of political thrillers then this might not be the movie to watch, because it doesn’t even branch into the side that would be appealing just because it is well done. I was more interested in Billy’s personal life, since it was untangling as well then whether the political fallout would happen. My favorite parts were seeing how he reacted to his growing girlfriend’s stardom than whether he could weave out of blackmail.

Broken City was probably one of the rougher starts to the circuit of 2013 movies. It’s not very memorable, and I honestly just had difficult moments recalling parts of what happened. One moment a scene would have me on edge for a moment and the next I was trying to recall what had happened. The actors do try to give it their all though. There are some good twists, just some issues with the pacing.

Rating 5 of 10.

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