Wednesday Movie Night: Parker (2013)

At this point it’s just Jason Statham being the guy from every other Statham starred movie. Parker mainly relies on action to carry it. I have to say the casting of Jennifer Lopez is highly confusing though, and she looks like she just woke up for most the movie. It isn’t completely boring though, and the bright colors do keep it alive and with great scenery. Taylor Hackford doesn’t really pull anything new together, and just aims to give some action, violence, and boobs to try to win people over.

Summary: A thief is used to help a crew with his unique abilities, but he is instead double crossed by the team even though he has a strong moral code of ethics. He now wants to get payback so he seeks out the crew with a disguise, and woman who can help him find a way to get closer to him, by providing him with information on the real estate in the area. This may have a few hurtles though, and he brings unsuspecting people into the arena as targets.

Acting: The acting is better than expected, but I had pretty low expectations. I think Jason Statham is good as Parker, but I also think he has gotten very comfortable, and now that he has found a mold it’s just what he does now. I don’t think that makes it particularly difficult to portray. The other lead is Jennifer Lopez as Leslie. While her character has some likable qualities I think Lopez is a bit dramatic in the movie. On top of that her home life is way weird, and she seems like she is destined to be an old maid. I think what made her character suffer the most were the hideous outfits they gave her to wear though. Those were some terrible looking blouses.

Filming: I will commend the movie on making a lot of the scenes pop with color. The setting is near the beach, and they take advantage of that to liven up the action with the color. The action though is everywhere as well. I feel like they relied a lot on action though to make up for the very bland story they had though. There were all these intense moments they caught, but I could care less about what happened.

Plot: While they do try to weave in character development as far as Leslie goes there is something hugely missing that never gives me concern for her. Also, Parker is sort of a character that comes from nowhere and is given somewhere to go. There isn’t anything to really tie the character to him though. They try to give him a girlfriend to make him feel a bit more grounded, and perhaps some moments where he is destructible, but it just doesn’t jive for some reason.

Parker isn’t really anything unique.It’s not a terrible action movie though, but it might be all you’re looking for if you watch it considering there is something so bland about the movie it doesn’t even pull in an interest with the acting. Statham seems to have hit a stride, and where he used to be someone who used to really show off the skills he has, he’s now just floating on them. Maybe a little character development and some casting tweaks could have fixed it up though.

Rating 6 of 10.

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