Saturday Movies: The Last Stand (2013)

So if you don’t like Arnold Schwarzenegger then don’t go see it, and if you do then you do, because it’s probably one of his better ones. The Last Stand though sort of basks in being ridiculous, and there isn’t really anything wrong with it. It’s just sort of a movie that has fun with itself, and in the mean time actually entertains at doing it. It quickly involves you with the characters, and gets the movie rolling. Honestly, it was more entertaining that I expected it to be.

Summary: A drug cartel leader has busted from the hold of a courthouse, and now he is on a fast charged race to the Mexican border where only a sheriff, Ray Owens, and his small town town police force await to try to stop him. Being in a small town though they have never quite had to deal with anything like this, except for Ray Owens, who was hoping to just go to small town life and forge about the violent crimes his town is about to be forced in. Ray communicates back and forth with an agent, John Bannister to navigate where the criminal is coming, but ultimately it will be up to him to stop him on his own.

Acting: Arnold Schwarzenegger is Ray Owens, and Schwarzenegger can embrace being another character better than I thought he possibly could. It’s not that he’s an amazing actor, he’s just chosen a reasonably likable guy to be in this movie. That much can be said for many of the other actors in this movie. Johnny Knoxville is Lewis, who provides them with the big guns their force doesn’t have, so they will be able to be well equipped in stopping the bad guy. Knoxville is likable as Lewis as well, but also seems to be very characteristic in this role as what he does whenever he does act.

Filming: Kim Jee-Woon balances the action and the comedy bits well. Because honestly, a movie like this can’t take itself seriously. No one who is acting seems to be taking themselves too seriously either, so it all works out. There are few serious scenes though, and they come at at time where they can hit right, and early on, so by the end we aren’t thinking it’s a silly movie. It is silly, but as said, the movie never seems to be too uptight that we know everyone involved doesn’t realize it too. Also, the movie brings in some ridiculous scenes to lighten it up. Like a school bus, or just a small town that you wouldn’t even think exists anymore. These elements just make it a good showdown action movie.

Plot: So the plot is obviously a little insane. This isn’t a movie you could really watch unless you can be silly with it, and just let the action carry you. The movie doesn’t fail for action fans though. It’s an hour and 45 minutes of just building up to the showdown between Ray and the drug criminal. The plot does well enough to build that. This movie though has nothing memorable about the plot though. You can still be silly and action packed, and be enjoyable, but you also want your movie I think to live on past that viewing on a rented DVD or in the theaters, and it doesn’t really do that either with the plot.

The Last Stand is a quick getaway from your life, and it works. I wasn’t bored with what it delivered. As said though, it’s a genre that is a bit limited in appeal, and that may explain the flop at the theater, actually that just may be people’s perception of Arnold. Regardless, it’s also nothing I would remember way down the line for whatever reason either.

Rating 7 of 10.

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