381 of 1001 Albums: The Blue Nile’s A Walk Across The Rooftops

Back to the 80’s we go with The Blue Nile. I feel like I’ve been transported back to any 1980’s romance movie you can think of. With the dramatic flow of the music and the borderline Tears for Fears vocals I feel like I’m building up to a huge love scene with this group. While the first tune did capture me the other tunes left me wanting a little something more though that I can’t quite put my finger on.

History: This album was the debut from the adult pop contemporary band, The Blue Nile. The album took a bit of time to get around to though. The band felt the guitarist wasn’t quite strong enough yet, but when they did get in the studio to record they spent a while on the album trying to garner just the right emotions from it. It makes sense considering it really is difficult to depart feelings from the album while listening.The album took time to get attention though after it’s 1984 release, but over time has gotten a lot of attention critically.

Vocals: Paul Buchanan has great vocals, but they also didn’t leave me with an impression after listening. Mostly, just curious to listen again to see what pulled me in. His vocals do have that 80’s vibe, but if you enjoy music from that time, as I do, it’s very soothing and has a lot of power. Plus, it’s a bonus he was aiming to achieve a lot of emotion from his vocals through the lyrics, and he was able to do that very well.

Instrumentals: All three band members contributed with playing synthesizers during the recording of the album. It’s a good sounding instrument, and one popularly attributed to the 80’s. “A Walk Across the Rooftops” was my personal favorite, and I think employed the instruments well in making this rhythmic movement that was very catchy and even romantic. The drums though had to come outside the band though from an additional instrumentalist.

Recording: The recording is one that is dated to the 80’s. I know that has been stressed a lot, but this is one of the heavier sounding albums from that time with the prominent sounds from that time. It doesn’t have anything that particularly rings through the album though either to keep me from lulling my attention way either. Singles like “Stay” though are plenty catchy enough, it just has this very blending tone about the tune.

A Walk Across the Rooftops has some nice atmospheric sounds, and it does well with the instrumentals they were working with. I think the sound became a little repetitive to me after a bit of listening though. It does do some innovative things with music I hadn’t heard before it’s time though. I just wish something about the emotion the guys worked so hard for stuck out more to me.

Rating 6 of 10.

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