383 of 1001 Albums: Motorhead’s Ace of Spades

Motorhead is very gritty, sort of rough sounding, heavy, and very metal. They sound a bit ahead of their time considering you wouldn’t think to associate metal acts as theirs with turn of the decade sounds happening in the 80’s. Motorhead is very macho charged in their approach to music though with lyrics that make women sound like trash, and men to be into all the stereotypical endeavors they enjoy.

History: The band sought for a producer it seems to clean out their metal sound as they couldn’t depict what was going on in their music on previous albums, but the band members were pleased with how the crafted sound came out on this album. After it’s release, they would follow with “Ace of Spades” as the title song for the album. This album has been a critical success since it’s release. The album is still deemed with being one of the most influential to the metal genre.

Vocalist: Lemmy is the lead vocalist, and does have the most distinctive vocals I’ve heard. They are gritty, they are heavily charged with a macho sound that is hard to forget either. Also, Lemmy is such a huge name that it would have been difficult to bypass who he is by now. His vocals do fit the tone of the music though, which is a bit sleazy. “The Chase is Better Than The Catch” is just really nasty sounding, and I’m sure intended to be, and strongly backed up with the vocals in this sound.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals are heavy and loud, but they do follow a consistent rhythm. It isn’t like Pantera’s type of metal that would arrive a decade later. Eddie Clarke really is fast on the guitar and has some moments where he shines on the guitar solos. Phil Taylor is playing the drums and has the whole heavy metal sound down. The songs do sound a lot alike to me, and there were times unless I kept with a song change I never knew it switched up.

Recording: The thing that seemed to concern the band upon arriving at this album was getting the sound down. They wanted to really highlight the individual talents of each individual and I believe they did that. I think for people who aren’t hardcore metal fans though it won’t change your mind about the whole band. You can admit they have talent, but the lyrics really didn’t take any beneficial moments of writing and reflective moments that get you attached to their songs, and as a woman it just doesn’t make me feel anything that is positive about myself.

Motorhead is for people looking for an album looking for music that showcases metal well. It is not for people like me who doesn’t much like being degraded in the lyrics, or the sound that just doesn’t appeal to the certain rhythm method you are drawn to listening to. Lemmy though has sort of sewn his name into metal history even getting himself a documentary a couple of years ago.

Rating 2 of 10.

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