Wednesday Movie Night: Snitch (2013)

What may be the only thing to keep your attention during this movie is that it is inspired by a true story, but that can really mean anything. Dwayne Johnson though has proven he can successfully come from the world of wrestling to make it work in the world of acting though. There are also some other random cast appearances that are interesting like Susan Surandon. Otherwise though, it’s not like Johnson is surrounded by anyone too interestingly strong in the movie.

Summary: John Matthews is just a construction company owner who is going about his day to day life with his new relationship. Until his ex-wife contacts him to tell him that his estranged son, Jason, has been arrested for a serious crime, drug trafficking. John though wants to make a deal with the DEA and DA Joanne Keeghan to let him go from his maximum sentence if he can bring in bigger arrests in the drug world in exchange for his son. The DA is really wanting the opportunity to make some big arrest to further her name, so she agrees even though John could be putting himself in serious danger in the middle of dangerous criminals.

Acting: The acting isn’t particularly memorable. Dwayne Johnson brings intensity to his role as the father who is also using this time to make it up to his son for being a little disconnected from his life. I guess what makes the movie so intense is that the son is being wrongly accused. The other person in the movie is Susan Surandon.  I feel like the main reason she is in this movie is because they couldn’t get Sigourney Weaver to be in the movie instead.  She is unlikable and does it well though. You also can’t read her motives too well so it leaves room for the viewers to guess

Filming: The filming does the shaky camera thing in the right spots to create intensity that works. I think the truck scene at the end as he is trying to make a delivery to lead to an arrest is what worked best for the movie as far as scenes. It was quite intense, and by that time you realized that you do care about the characters.

Plot: The plot isn’t anything to over think too much. It’s a guy trying to help this woman to get his kid out of jail. There are some spots where you could get it jumbled though by the addition of characters who don’t add any needed depth to the plot. You are hoping for the best of the characters to pull through though, and even though this movie wasn’t as action packed or intense as I thought, I think someone was doing something right to get the plot to pulling for characters that much.

Snitch is a movie in a line of 2013 movies that so far blends with what seems the usual bland attempt to release something in the months where things have a hard time standing out. The acting though does work, and Johnson fits the character he was given. I think it was just a minor disappointment considering I was hoping for a story that got the person watching involved more.

Rating 6 of 10.

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