Saturday Movies: The Numbers Station (2013)

This has to be one of the shortest action thriller movies I’ve seen. Because it is so short it leaves little room for plot, and I feel like everyone is just dumped into the middle of a bad situation. Because the meaning of everything is so vague in the movie it also doesn’t leave you thinking about the movie at all either. I feel like a government message is somehow involved with this movie by how paranoid the characters become, but I could never make sense of why!

Summary: Emerson has made a mistake as a Black Ops agent, and after being sent to clean it up with another agent he is then dispatched to protect a code operator at a station. Now a group of guys trying to take over the numbers station is breaking in, and have already killed and taken others hostage to find the person who can distribute the number code they want put out there. Katherine is in the main office where that is done, and Emerson needs to protect her and shut down the site in order to protect the station and it’s operation.

Acting: John Cusack is Emerson, and while Cusack is a good actor he does nothing really fancy here. He doesn’t even show much emotion at the beginning during scenes that ring like they should bother him. Malin Akerman isn’t an actress I’m too familiar with, but she is okay as Katherine. I think she puts some emotions and scares into her actin that do compel the watcher as well. Cusack is the only you just feel disassociated from. I think that can be attributed to the lack of plot development that the movie does suffer from though. The actors couldn’t have known a lot about their characters.

Filming: You like action then there is some here in this movie, but honestly not too much. You have a very dark, small, spot that it seems the characters spend most their time in. The movie may capture the atmosphere well to build the panic you might be feeling in this scenario, but if anything the cool colors just made me less enthused by the movie. The shots may liven up the movie a bit though, and the actors try to make something out of the characters, but I think the problems can be blamed on the plot.

Plot: Well there isn’t too much to say except there is nothing to sit a movie on as far as the story. We have these very vague workings of the number station, and the men who have come there to over run it. We aren’t really told who the invaders are, or what their mission is. The movie tries to be a little deep with the conflicted lead characters, Emerson, but we start in the middle of his disgraced agent journey, and never really know how gravely he has messed up, and if sending him to protect Katherine is to shame him. I hope it isn’t for Katherine. Maybe there are just too many movies like this that are trying to make the government out to have conspiracies that they are running out of things to say.

The Numbers Station could be improved a lot with a story that actually compels you. There is nothing about the acting particularly appealing considering they don’t even have a lot to grow their characters from, and the action is too sparse to really make it appealing to people who might just watch it for a little action in a movie to watch.

Rating 4 of 10.

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