Wednesday Movie Night: Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters (2013)

Hansel and Gretal is just a fun, short, action movie, and should be enjoyed as such. It does have this very 90’s vibe to it which I did like, but I just felt all the characters were just very rushed as far as development. The costumes are well done though, and the twist on the story is a lot of fun though. For an hour and 20 minutes worth of movie though you are thrown in the middle of their world quickly with a short recap of the famous story.

Summary: Hansel and Gretal survived a witch with their skills when they were younger, and since growing up they have become worldwide known for their ability to hunt witches and determine them apart from a crowd. They arrive though in a small town where children are being abducted by suspected witches. The two now are on to a new witch secret they were unaware of, and find that they have limited time from them doing something that will bring one witch a new level of power. The duo also discovers a new part of their past from the witches they were unaware of.

Acting: I think the acting does work for the movie and probably does salvage it. Jeremy Renner sort of rolls with what characters he’s given and he does become them even though he has nothing to change about his physical appearance to do so. Gemma Arterton is the weaker actress, but she is still not bad as Gretal. She does the tough thing well while also not forcing it too much. Famke Janssen is the lead bad witch, Muriel, and she does portray a bad guy well, and it’s nice mix up since she seems to have been just the stereotypical girlfriend or wife in everything I’ve seen her in.

Filming: I like the setting of the movie, and I do like how the action is woven in. The movie never takes itself too seriously which does help out the vibe a lot. The characters play it off as ridiculous, but also like they are having fun, and the way the movie is shot conveys that. When the movie gets serious the scenes glide into that well too. The costumes are also very lively and look like someone spent effort on them instead of someone just throwing some CGI together and hoping for the best.

Plot: While the plot has some nice developments, it is probably where the movie gets the most bland. It does tend to just fall off the ramp and become very formulaic in certain areas. Women begin taking off their clothes, lots of weapons that look unrealistic to the time are used, and the acting from side characters don’t scream that they are very strong. As said though, the two leads really revive the movie. They work well with one another, and do give that sibling vibe.

Hansel and Gretal works in some parts, and is a little forced in others. I think this would have been better had it been beefed up a little with character development, and not as sexual as it was. Something about this story just doesn’t seem fitting to have the sexual tones in it that it does. These types of movies generally do better I think when families feel they can watch, or at least make it a nice father and son movie to view. I think it’s why most comic movies don’t really go too far into the area of gore violence or being too sexual, so it still can appeal to really diverse crowds to get people into the movie. While this movie genre is a tad bit different than that, it is rooted in something that does appeal to younger people though because of the tale and that you do learn it at a young age.

Rating 6 of 10.

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