Saturday Movies: The Words (2012)

I just more than anything wanted to feel something while watching this movie yet I didn’t really feel anything. The story is compelling, and it has this potential to probably explore a lot of themes about what is right and wrong, but for some reason it just never takes off. It isn’t the actors fault as they seem to really be putting their all into it. Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal both are the directors for this one movie. They also wrote the movie. I like the creativity of the plot despite the fact a book with an oddly similar plot was released around the same time.

Summary: Rory Jansen is a struggling writer just trying to find the hit that will make him a professional writer. Dora, his wife, is patient as he continues to struggle to put something down to pen that he also feels proud of. One day while traveling through Europe he finds a brief case that contains a manuscript of an unpublished novel. He decides that he will publish the novel as his after find that even his wife is emotionally moved by the contents of the story. When the novel’s past catches up with him though his guilt begins to spiral out of control leaving him debating whether he should ruin his marriage and fame, or continue on with the lie.

Acting: The acting is really good, particularly Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons. Bradley Cooper is Rory, and I think he shows his shame and compassion for the man he has stolen from very well. Jeremy Irons is the old man who wrote the novel, and Irons does a great job at making the man someone you feel for, even though you’ll wonder why he has made of the choices that he did make. Zoe Saldana is Dora, and she is decent in the movie as the wife, but feels a little too cookie cutter. You also have Dennis Quaid telling the story as Clay, and Olivia Wilde the woman he is telling the story to. It is intriguing, and works well with all the acting.

Filming: CBS Films is the one who brought this film to life with their studio while the directors created it. I think with CBS delving into the movie world, they still have some obstacles to over come, with one being that their movies still look like television movies. The textures and colors work well to create the various times conveyed in the movie, but it still didn’t feel quite like I was watching a movie. The score of the movie is also well done and adds a lot of power to the movie as well.

Plot: I like the plot, I found it to be a good look of the power of stories, and just how painful it can be if someone steals something tat meant something so personal to you. There are still plenty of instances of people taking things that aren’t their own as far as ideas and using them, and unless you have proof there is nothing you really can do to stop it. With the original writer of the story that Rory has stolen he wrote this novel out of love and grieving his own life, so for someone to steal that and try to make their meaning their own would be deeply painful.

The Words is a nice watch, but it fails to hit upon something deeper that would really have drove in more people to connect with it. While the art of creating is a good one to share, you also want to leave us more connected to the characters. The women felt like cutouts of some idea that just didn’t seem very well developed and real, and for the movie to to feel that much more deeper we need to feel the connection the men had to the women they were falling for in the movie.

Rating 7 of 10.

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