Saturday Movies: The Cold Light of Day (2012)

The Cold Light of Day is one of those movies that has a ton of stars in it making you wonder why you didn’t hear of it upon it’s release, well I can tell you why, and that is because it isn’t really good. Most may tune into the movie because it seems to be action and it has Bruce Willis appearing to star on the cover. Action and Bruce Willis seems to be a selling point. Willis isn’t in the movie very long though, and then you have new upcoming Henry Cavill lead the movie, which isn’t too bad except his character makes sense and for some reason Sigourney Weaver leaves all her acting talent at the door.

Summary: Will is a struggling Wall Street Trader that is visiting his family on vacation. When he goes out for groceries on the trip though he returns to find that his family has been abducted from their boat. Carrack confronts Will and his dad, but it turns out that she has other motives and wants to get the suitcase in the hands of the intelligence agents. Now in a battle to rescue his family from terrorists and keep the agents from getting it as well and limiting his options of rescuing his family.

Acting: The acting for the most part is good. Bruce Willis is Martin, Will’s dad. Willis is pretty much who he is in most recent movies, which isn’t bad, but you can tell he was looking for a quick paycheck then got out of there. Henry Cavill though is going to have to be really careful if he wants to maintain some momentum after his Superman career though, because movies like this won’t cut it. He’s a good actor. Not the most interesting person, but he tried to carry the silly character the best he could. As other people have posed how is a Wall Street Trader able to outsmart the agents like he is? That isn’t logical. Then there is Sigourney Weaver as the agent, Carrack, and I’ll at least give he that her lines were just bad written. They sounded silly to read, but on top of that it’s like she didn’t even try, so she just looked like a bad actress on top of that, even though we know she isn’t.

Filming: If there is something working for the movie it is where it is filmed and how bright and pretty everything looks. Even the moon and night scenes builds a lot of natural suspense with how the people are being chased in the dark. It just pops and it does catch the eye. It’s the same for a lot of the daylight scenes as well when they are out in the ocean on the boat. The director does capture the color and atmosphere well of where they are vacationing at.

Plot: The plot is so simple, but it feels like it should be more complex. We have a whole agency involved, but we actually never get to find out what is their involvement, and we never understand how this whole thing has brought the terrorist in, and on top of that I’m going to do a spoiler alert here, but we don’t even find out what is in the brief case! We just get really ripped off as a viewer, because while we care about what happens regarding the family we also want a deeper meaning behind all this, but it’s like not even the writer could think up something good enough to be in the brief case so he just cops out.

The Cold Light of Day might give you a good, quick action movie, but I would say with the huge amount of disappointments acting wise and script wise that it isn’t enough for most people to waste their time with. The movie also tries to pull you in with acting appearances that don’t last very long, and feel more like a ploy to get people to watch it. If you like exotic locations though that are well documented that might be one of the main reasons to watch it.

Rating 5 of 10.

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