192 of 1001 Movies: Dear Diary (1993)

Well what’s more interesting than watching a director just portray himself? Almost everything. Deary Diary (Caro Diario) also doesn’t feel hugely unique either as it seems Nanni Moretti did a Woody Allen film, except he directed the whole thing. I was glad to find that I wasn’t the only one who felt the movie was strongly Allen vibe. The part that is interesting is Chapter 3 of the movie, as the movie is divided into three chapters. I had to wait through 2 other parts to find the movie interesting. On top of that there are a lot of jokes that only Italians would understand, which is fine, but why put a movie on the list if the appeal is limited of a worldwide list?

Summary: Supposedly the movie runs off a question posed by Socrates. How are you living and how are you relating to others? There are three segments of the movie connected by this question. In chapter 1 we see Nanni showing his favorite locations to visit on his Vespa. in Chapter 2 we see Nanni touring different islands with his friend, and showing the different natures of each island. Then in Chapter 3 Nanni has a health problem occur when he can’t stop itching and all the help he seeks seems to be in vain as he can’t get over the problem.

Acting: While we are getting a glimpse into how Nanni is wanting to depict his life he is also acting it out though in a semi-biographical way. With him being the main actor, and the shift in scenes we only meet one other character we can analyze and get to know in the movie, Nanni’s friend, who doesn’t have a name. Nanni though is a good actor, it’s just the life he’s leading in this movie isn’t very entertaining.

Filming: If there is anything working for the movie it is the scenery of Italy. You have a lot of shots by the water, and it looks very well done with all the other bright colors that are woven in. The shots that seem still also convey the comedy well even if you don’t quite understand the comedy yourself. It just looks comedic in the way it is filmed.

Plot: The plot is existent so it isn’t like a plotless movies. Simply, the plot is revolving around Nanni’s life tied together by a theme showing him in his own city, with his friends, and then regarding his own self. For me the plot did have a few comedic moments, and near the end the Chapter 3 part was the most interesting as we spent a lot of time wondering over what might be the source a mysterious itch he has acquired. The first two parts are really slow though, and seem to move at a slow pace. It took me a week to get through the movie because of it.

Dear Diary was disappointing, because mos other Italian films I have liked, but this one just did not resonate with me. I found some of the jokes to be funny, but somethings did feel to inside joke to me to be funny like the different island cultural differences. Where one island was supposed to be very child orientated to the point they ran their lives to the other island that refused any sort of electricity. The favorite part of the whole movie was the soundtrack, which was very well done.

Rating 3 of 10.

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