Saturday Movies: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

I got to say that I did have higher action packed expectations for Olympus Has Fallen. Instead this movie was highly cheesy and lacked a lot of character attachments. I didn’t feel for many of the characters in the movie at all. Aaron Eckhart makes a good politician but he’s just not a guy you easily feel for as a character. Then there are lots of over the top musical score moments, and people reciting the pledge of allegiance as they think they are nearing death. I don’t want to offend anyone, but if I’m about to go then the last thing on my mind is reciting pledge to the flag. Plus, this movie is trying to sell politicians as nobles to the U.S, and I think it’s just a hard thing to sell right now with all the controversy. Especially since this movie even admits President Asher has made some made decisions that hasn’t made him too popular with the public.

Summary: After an incident on the road, Mike Banning, finds himself as a disgraced former secret service agent. The job was too difficult to carry on after the loss that was suffered. When he finds himself as the only one trapped in the White House after it’s taken over by foreign terrorist (spoiler: they’re North Korean), he is also the only one who can rescue the president. The code that is given to the White House when it is having a crisis is Olympus. As the national security team works with Banning to help make the rescues and prevent further disasters, it seems like it is mostly up to Banning to do the job.

Acting: The acting from the lead actors isn’t bad, but the side actors are really weak. They almost slide the whole movie into this very B vibe action movie. Gerald Butler seems to have returned to a role that is suiting and some will welcome him back in as he has taken a little detour through rom-coms to get back to it. Morgan Freeman is good, but his character is really pitiful. Since the vice president and the president are unavailable, Freeman’s character, Speaker Trumball, has to take charge. If he really did have a run as being the president until the others were rescued he might be the worst president in history, or at least in the run for being one of them. Aaron Eckhart isn’t that appealing in the movie. Most the time it seems he is going back to his two-face days and just snarling and looking mean. Also, there is Dylan McDermott in the movie, and he is good, but I think it was Melissa Leo as the Secretary of Defense who had me almost laughing at some scenes instead of feeling intense and scared for the character.

Filming: There was such little of a good story available if things weren’t blowing up then I was bored. None of the characters are that interesting, and the beginning of the movie to get us attached and more feeling toward the president just felt weak. The directing keeps the action good, and the CGI works, but it’s the person behind the plot that isn’t driving it.

Plot: The actors are good in their parts except for the more minor ones. I just never felt like I was in suspense though, and that was because I never felt too into the characters. Usually in movies like this a lot of the suspense is driven by how deeply you care for the characters, like in Die Hard. You are watching it to make sure the characters get out, but because I felt like the ties and character development was forced I never felt too involved with what happened to them. It felt like a sappy story, and the music is very over dramatic at points.

Olympus Has Fallen is a little too long to be a quick and good action movie, and it’s a little too lacking in characters you care about to run that long in the first place. It has a good cast that they’ve arranged, but the plot isn’t really something I cared for. Everything felt very forced in how goody goody everyone felt. No one actually felt like a real human being trying to get out of a tragic situation.

Rating 6 of 10.

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