Bookshelf: Stephen King’s The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

So The Dark Tower is definitely building toward something eerie, and developing the characters well enough that you will be devastated if anything happens to them. In the second book we spent a little time getting to know Eddie and Susannah’s past and then in the third with Jake. In the fourth though we finally explore Roland’s elusive past, and with him being the quietest and most mysterious character in the book most people will be curious as to what this book has to reveal about his past finally.

Summary:  Wizard and Glass picks up at the very intense scene where the last book left off. It also throws us into the past of Roland as he tells Jake, Susannah, and Eddie about what changed the course of his life at 14 years old. He tells them about his first love, Susan. Her world though is very divided among men, so when Roland steps into her led with his two other friends they find themselves in a bit of a mess, and dealing with all sorts of badness including Rhea, a witch. He shares how he found and loss bits of his life very early on in life.

Characters: In this book your favorites like Eddie, Susannah, and Jake take a back seat. For me I haven’t been as interested in Roland’s story before, but I think this book in the series will get anyone more tied to who he is and cheering him on. It also makes him less mysterious and more human as well. Before that he almost seemed so mysterious he didn’t seem real. One of the other characters that was most interesting to read for this story was Susan. Susan always feels she is bordering on doing something bad even though she is a good character, so it gives her this edgy vibe to follow.

Writing: As with most Stephen King work, he is just a good writer. On top of that he has good stories to tell. He’s one of the few with a combination of story telling and writing talent to combine both for what I believe will be a classic writer. He just doesn’t get enough credit because his work is popular. With Roland in this novel he is telling a story to his listeners about his past and the ones involved in Susan’s life as well. A lot of people will wonder how Roland can have so many perspectives from his one view, and King ties that in perfectly for the reader’s understanding. Also, you have the great technique of dialogue being brought to life to make it feel real and true to who the characters are, even though I didn’t find the dialogue to be the most enjoyable to read always.

Plot: If you’ve been following the past three books then you most likely will be into the plot of this one, unless you just absolutely hate anything to do with Roland, and from what I know it seems anyone who reads The Dark Tower series enjoys the character Roland. This books does develop the plot toward the Dark Tower in a lot of ways, but mostly it’s to get us close to the main character, which it does well. It gives you love, action, friendship, and loss in the most epic of ways.

Wizard and Glass shows the series is getting better and deeper with each novel. All the characters feels like they are on equal footing now as far our attachment to them, and now I feel more ready than ever to see what the future holds for them as they continue to seek the tower. Other arrays of bad guys thrown in also mix up the novel as well, and give the reader a little bit of fear, but not so much as Blaine can.

Rating 8 of 10.

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