Saturday Movies: Safe (2012)

Jason Statham is like the Charlie Chaplin of B-movie action movies, well sort of. His face seems to go hand in hand with most of them now. To be honest it was a way more enjoyable action ride than I expected though. I also liked the atmosphere of the night scenes, and how they get you emotionally connected to feeling for the girl in the middle all of this despite the fact she is a bad actress who keeps changing her accent. It’s intense and short though so that is what counts to me for the movie.

Summary: Mei is good with numbers and has an incredible memory, so when she remembers a very important code her life is put in danger when a battle erupts between two sides who want it.  Luke is an ex-cage fighter who has had his own falling out with the Russians who are battling to find the girl, and he decides to help her when he finds she is in trouble. Mei is forced to trust him considering there is no one else to trust. With corrupt cops and mobs tracking their every move though both are going to have fight to disappear.

Acting: Jason Statham is the lead as Luke, and if you usually like him in movies then you most likely will like him in this one. I’ve only saw Parker as his other movie release, and I liked this one better by far. I thought giving him a reason to care was a good idea, because he becomes sort of a rescuer to this girl who has no one else. Catharine Chan isn’t bad for a child actor, but she does have some slip ups. Like her accent doesn’t hold all the way through and sometimes she sounds like she has been living in America this whole time and wasn’t from China.

Filming: What worked for me was that the movie has a lot of the night atmosphere woven in, and I think is well shot in the city it is set in.  The city is lit well and I think the way the action scenes take place then build the suspense very well to. It doesn’t have to be too intricate of a plot, or even get you too involved with the characters to enjoy that aspect of the movie.

Plot:  I think the one thing getting you to care about the plot is the girl being in such a bad situation. The fact that the guy is the only one that can help her sort of gives the story a good twist and salvages the humanity of Luke. Statham is a good actor, I think he lacks a little in being expressive, but otherwise it’s more so he has gotten type cast. It may not be too bad though as he is still making movies, it does distract from his acting though.

Safe is one of the better action movies I’ve seen of 2012. It tries to fuse in a little heart to hit some sentimental moments, and the characters seem to be a bit more authentic in what they are fighting for even if they can’t always act it all the way through well. I also enjoyed the action bits and how they were organized into the movie as well.

Rating 7 of 10.

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