Saturday Movies: The Big Wedding (2013)

I would wear a bucket over my head too if this was one of two movies I directed as well, Justin Zackman. Comedy or drama? My fiance brought up a good point when he hit the nail on the head at the end of the movie that this one couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. There would be lots of issues it seemed to be trying to fuse in to make a serious point with the main one being adoption, and others like blended families and fertility issues. Then the movie would do these very silly comedy moments that dumb’d the movie down in a way that made it feel it was being pulled into two different directions. I don’t think it’s the cast, but mainly something poorly put together and wrote that hurts it.

Summary: Alejandro and Missy are getting married. When Alejandro finds out his biological mother wants to travel to see him wed though he realizes that her deeply religious Catholic roots might not approve of the fact the parents she let adopt him have been divorced for several years. To keep her happy his parents, Don and Ellie pretend to be married for the duration of the wedding setting much confusion and chaos into place in their lives and those surrounding them.

Acting: The acting is what works about the movie even though some talent is wasted, but I think that is more so how their parts are written in more than anything.  Robert De Niro is able to carry a character that is the most intriguing of the cast as a player who has left his ex-wife for a new woman, Bebe. They now reside in the house he lived in with Ellie. Don has some of the funnier moments outside of Robin Williams who is the shining moment of the cast as the priest arranged to marry the two. Susan Sarandon is Bebe, and shows she can still act, but I just didn’t find Bebe to be too interesting of a character. Rounding out the older group there is also Diane Keaton as Ellie, and in some ways it just feels like an unusual Godfather reunion by the end of it. Ben Barnes is Alejandro, and he just looks like he is in pain to be there just as he is on the cover the entire time. There is no range. Katherine Heigl just is the weakest of the cast to me. Her roles seem repetitive, and it’s just hard for her to shake the public perception of her to the point she is taking the same stereotype over and over, her character could have just been written out, along with Topher Grace. Who cares if he is a virgin trying to get laid by his adopted brother’s sister? Then there is Amanda Seyfried as Missy, and I wish she could find some role that allowed her to break through. Instead she is bland and boring in this one.

Filming:  I will admit I thought the colors were pretty at certain intervals in the movie. For some reason the wedding just looked gorgeous because everything was very flowing in appearance and it looked like they were having their wedding in a gigantic cloud. Otherwise, there were some moments with things just being the way they were shot made the entire scene feel very cheesy. Like the music being pieced together at bad moments felt lame. Also, it makes the movie feel less like it is trying to be an R movie, and more so a PG movie for the family when the content is not.

Plot: The plot seems like it could be a lot of fun and with De Niro, Keaton, and Sarandon, you would think it would have gotten pulled off better. The direction of the story is a little loss, and the writing can’t seem to decide what type of story this is supposed to be though. The characters instead come off really silly and a tad ridiculous.

The Big Wedding somehow managed a diverse cast that includes some all-stars. It reads more as a reunion that maybe people weren’t looking for though. With the badly done score, and some poorly developed characters it lacks in many ways. There are some moments salvaged by veteran actors in the movie though to give it some laughs.

Rating 5 of 10.

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