400 of 1001 Albums: Buzzcocks’ Another Music In a Different Kitchen

The Buzzcocks are catchy, and have this fun beat to their music, but like Turbonegro I just find their to be a problem with the lyrics. It relies again on sexual lyrics, and then further gives you song titles that would be difficult to share as something you liked with others. It seems the remastered version released years later contains these very sexually graphic songs. Anyways, I did like the punk beat and how they put the English sounds into their tune as well.

History: This debut album from the band was a hit in Britain. The single “I Don’t Mind” made the charts. The album has the artsy vibe intended from the band, but it also doesn’t stir too much depth to get complex. The albums reviews are mostly positive or at least favorable. The album has a lot of instrumental talent despite the change ups on the album.

Vocals: Peter Shelley’s vocals are very British and catchy. I like how they have a lot of rhythm with the music, and they match the overall tone. They also remind me a bit of a 60’s rock band that has sort of merged in with the punk scene to make for something unique and fun. It has a light feel too, so the lack of seriousness makes it a bit of a fun album to listen to. My main complaint is that with such vocal talent the lyrics lacked quite a bit.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals also have a tempo that makes the music memorable. Steve Diggle also adds to the vocals, but also the guitar along with John Maher who does drums but also vocals. The drums have a good beat. Then there is Steve Garvey on bass as well. These elements of the music do combine to make it sound like something unique in the middle of the scene of 1978.

Recording: The recording is a nice mesh of different decades. It’s something that could expand from the 60’s to 80’s and blend well and then after that it still feels cool to listen to up till now. It’s a nice production for a debut album from a band, and has that cool garage band sound as well. The vocals sound clear and on the remastered version you get it even more cleaned up.

There are a lot of things to like about the Buzzcocks. Instrumentally and vocally strong they are appeasing to listen to. They do have lyrics that lack a bit hitting something that connects with me, but if you’re looking for a fun and light listen they are pretty good. It’s also nice to get back to the 70’s and find some of the better music I was missing out on from then.

Rating 7 of 10.

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