Wednesday Movie Night: Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

J.J. Abrams seems to have listened to fans and improved in this movie in ways the last one had some weaknesses. There is less of the annoying lights that flare, and way better character development that doesn’t just rely on the people looking like the characters they portray. You also have great casting that makes this movie two times better, like Benedict Cumberbatch. He brings the new villain to life giving him the much needed complexity to the character in the movie.

Summary: This time the enemy isn’t one from another planet. The Enterprise is faced with a terrorist threat that leaves their crew broken and picking up the pieces. Just as Captain Kirk is on the verge of being demoted he finds himself being the one that is depended on to lead a man hunt along with Spock to find the man responsible for the damages done. There are two sides to the story though, and the one that Khan tells leaves them a bit fragmented on how to perceive the good and the bad side.

Acting: The acting seems to have definitely improved since the first movie in this series. Chris Pine has matured Kirk in a lot of ways despite his tendency for his womanizing ways, though that could be changing in the future. There is also Zachary Quinto who does good with playing Spock without many emotions, but still trying to be a friend to Kirk, but to be honest the relationship between him and Uhura played by Zoe Saldana doesn’t feel like real chemistry. I do like how in summer movies this past summer though that the woman is stepping up to be the one that kicks butt. Some other stand outs are Simon Pegg as Scotty who brings his humor but also shows he has range outside of the British comedies he does. There is also Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan who is great and the best performance as all. You don’t know to feel about the guy because if what he says is true then he has set his vengeance for a deeper cause than just disliking someone.

Filming:  The movie changes up the way it is filmed quite a bit, but not too much so to feel completely different. You don’t have the as distracting lights, and where they are woven in they aren’t as bad. The color is striking as well, and at the beginning of the movie you see the color used to it’s best to depict another world that the Enterprise has intervened on. As my fiance said J.J. Abrams is sort of like the better version of Michael Bay in the way he depicts his movies.

Plot: The plot is also a huge improvement. While the first movie focuses on very shallow aspects of the crew, this one seems to delve more into testing what they are truly capable of when those they care for are put in danger. Though Khan is the best character in the movie, and has the better actor bringing him to life, I think Spock and Kirk also go through some much needed character developments and introductions to their personality to help them grow for future movies. I still think the whole Spock and Uhura relationship feels forced though. Even though I do like how Uhura steps up to kick butt along with everyone else in this one.

Star Trek: Into Darkness is a more action packed, character driven movie with some better acting. It shows that there is hope for the series to continue on and get better. There are shocking losses and moments where everyone’s relationship toward one another is tested making it compelling to view.  Abrams shows why he is a known director in the first place.

Rating 8 of 10.

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