406 or 1001 Albums: Astor Piazzolla and Gary Burton’s The New Tango

The New Tango is very modern, a little jazzy, and has a lot of dance. It has so many flavor of instruments in this album. The instrumentals are well composed, and you of course don’t need lyrics for music like this. It’s more about hearing it and just letting the music flow as you listen to the tunes. While I can appreciate all the artistic arrangements of this album I don’t think I will be one to embark on the instrumental listening of tango anytime soon.

History: Astor Piazzolla was an artist who would update the genre of tango into something called the nuevo tango. It mixed in elements of jazz with classical styles to create the new sound. For this album he teamed up with musician, Gary Burton, to add more musical variety to the music and composure of the sound.

Vocals: With no vocals obviously you can’t critique that, but anyone who is a fan of Astor Piazzolla or Gary Burton is not going to need vocals to enjoy it. You have a lot of texture to the sound and the emotion in the instruments to pull you in, and get you listening to the music. If you can feel just from the vibe of what the sounds are saying you’ll be fine to listen to this.

Instrumentals: With Astor Piazzolla being a Argentin composer you get all types of lively instrumentals on the album. Whether it’s the accordion, or various percussion the music is always moving with a beat that you can’t forget. Piazzolla was also a bandoneon player, and contributed to the album in that way, so if you’re someone who likes to appreciate many instruments in use then this has a lot to enjoy.

Recording: The positive about instrumentals is that they rarely can become dated. They seem to always suit the time you’re listening to them in, because an instrument in itself can’t really become dated with time. Now the production can, but it’s well done on this album, especially for a live one. I didn’t know this one was live till the clapping. The biggest obstacle for me is just a personal one, and that is that I don’t listen to tango nor a lot of instrumentals.

The New Tango is one to add to the collection if you love this style of genre. It’s a new exploration for me that was a good one to take, but nothing I would take again unless it popped up on the list again. The men involved with this one are talented and seem passionate about the instruments they are well known for, and that makes it a good listen.

Rating 6 of 10.

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