Wednesday Movie Night: Fracture (2007)

Before Ryan Gosling was really famous, or broken away from his role in The Notebook he brought a role to the table that turned the direction of his career. With Anthony Hopkins as the other lead you have to great lead actors who play well off the scenarios and story to make us feel the intense war brewing between the two. Gregory Hoblit knows what he is good at, and it’s courtroom dramas. He also brought Primal Fear to the screen, but thankfully Fracture takes a less darker road.

Summary: Willy Beachman is on his way to becoming a big time attorney. With a 97% winning rate in his cases he has earned the ability to move up to another law firm much to is current workplaces disappointment. Shortly before he is to move there though his boss gives him a case with an opponent he’s never had to face before. Ted Crawford is accused of murdering his wife, and what appears to be a simple guilty conviction at first proves to be more complicated than Willy thought.

Acting: The acting is great for the movie, and makes a lot of it. To get you involved you need to have emotion for the characters whether it’s hate or love. Ted you really want to see go down. Anthony Hopkins is one of the most diverse actors there is. He can be a guy that you either really are cheering on in a movie like in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, or he is a guy who terrifies you like he is in this one. He showcases Ted’s motives well for the crime we know he did, but also makes us see how evil he is. Ryan Gosling is in one his earlier roles as Willy. It was a great departure for him to take on this role after The Notebook and get away from being stereotyped into that genre. Gosling has a way with accents and making likable characters.

Filming: The movie has some of the coolest shots I’ve seen. The color is brilliant. You have sunset shots, slanted shots that provided an unique glance at the characters, and shots that use cool transitions. Though the content of the movie is dark the director knows how to at least lighten the setting so the movie doesn’t feel completely depressing to the viewer.

Plot: The plot is one of the strongest parts of the movie. It has twists that keep you watching, and wondering where the movie will go next. Hoblit has also showed in the past that he isn’t afraid to let his movies get really dark to the point where it can be hard for the viewer to take in. The point that Hoblit seems to like to make with breaking the ego of the protagonist though is always intriguing, and leaves room for some complex character development. And with this director you never know if it will lead to positive development for the lead.

Fracture is one of the better courtroom dramas I’ve seen. It’s compelling and you never know where it’s going. Plus it provides an unlikable bad guy who almost seems too intelligent to stop. It provides some great thoughts on the ego and how arrogance can eventually be a downfall. For Willy he thinks he’s seen it all and can easily just tackle this case, get paid, and move on to the better thing, but reality is what hits instead.

Rating 9 of 10.

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