1 of 1001 Songs: Enrico Caruso’s ‘O Sole Mio

So why not? I’m already doing three other 1001 and some of the songs on this list are from artists not on the album list. Beginning with Enrico Caruso who’s song, “‘O Sole Mio” appears on the list from 1898. I’ve got to say it was a great way to kick this one off because this is a beautiful song that will ring familiar to anyone who is familiar with pop culture.

History: The song is Neapolition and if you’re listening to the tune and wondering the language that is the one it’s sung in. There are many covers of the song that cover many genres of artists who wanted to make one of their own of it. Bryan Adams and Elvis Presley were some of the artists who wanted to do their own cover. “‘O Sole Mio” is translated as “My Sun.” On top of that you’ve most likely watched a show or movie that included the tune like Spongebob Squarepants.
Vocals: Caruso’s vocals are so beautiful. They flow with the song, and they never miss a moment to make an impact with a listener before the time of the song runs out. He has that strong tenor vocal, and even though his voicing is a bit operatic in nature it doesn’t overwhelm me as a listener. His voice makes me want to travel to Italy and just drive down the streets exploring.
Instrumentals:  I couldn’t find a listing of what particular instruments were used in the music, but there is the sound of strings that adds plenty of emotion to the music. What I like is how the tone of the instrumentals match the vocals. It’s romantic in nature. I think that is what makes the song really enjoyable. It brings out an emotion that isn’t common anymore when listening to music, and it’s this sweet, charming, and romantic sound that also is very strong.
Lyrics: I read a translation of the lyrics and found that they are just as beautiful as the sound of the vocals and the instruments. It seems like the perfect song to listen to in the morning to wake up and get you energized for the day. Lots of mention of the sun are included but it’s well woven in to have great syntax. If you were to sing this in English it would have just as great a flow if done right. The lyrics also match the tone of the instruments in vocals because they do hint at romance.
Caruso is an artist that I want to explore music from after this one sample. It has this vibe to it that has caused me to listen to the tune more than once already. The flow is great and it gets stuck in your head despite the possible fact you can’t understand the language. I can see why the song has been popular over time because it never lost it’s ability to appeal to people.
Rating 8 of 10.

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