6 of 1001 Songs: Jonsi’s Go Do

I thought this reminded me of Sigur Ros, and it makes sense as Jonsi is the lead singer. The song though is familiar once you’ve heard it, and if you watched We Bought A Zoo it was one of the songs used for the soundtrack. So besides critical status it’s also even got it a spot playing in a movie out there.

History: If there ever was a commercial song it was this one. It’s been used for movie trailers, Ford, Window’s phone, and Google. Everyone can find a place for this tune in their commercial. Many who enjoy Sigur Ros will enjoy Jonsi as he doesn’t veer too much from the sound, but does liven it up with a more positive energy. The critics were also aware of this and responded positively to the single. This single appeared on an EP at first with 2 other tunes before the release of the full length album.

Vocals: Jonsi’s vocals are very different. Their higher and soar with the instruments. The whole song comes together to create an atmosphere that is suiting for letting those types of vocals be able to really soar in. I also like how though he does sing in a range that is higher and even glides with the music he also projects the lyrics in a way that you can hear them. In order for such a positive song to work you also want to understand the lyrics, and he does that.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals vary from so many things. You have the percussion to make this very grand sound. You have flutes that contribute to this lighter flow that is probably what stood out most to me. You also have the electronics in the song. If it wasn’t for the other instrumentals then this might have only sounded completely like an electronic tune.

Lyrics: The energy of the song is very uplifting and encouraging. All the singer has to say is Go Do paired with some random lyrics to make it sound that way. The song is sort of vague to be honest considering the main chorus and the overall vibe of the instrumentals and even vocals. The lyrics aren’t the strong part of the song as they rely on being more vague with some positive words thrown in than consistent story telling or anything to really get the point to relate.

Jonsi has arranged a good song that has a very happy tone that translates well especially when you’re getting your work day started and you need something upbeat to really get that day pumping. I would like it better if the lyrics were a bit more upfront about a story or something, but repeating the positive words does help as well. Instrumentally the song really shines though and I love when instruments like flutes are so vibrant in a tune.

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