Saturday Movies: White House Down (2013)

You’re wondering if you should watch this or Olympus Has Fallen? While I seem to be in the minority I would say watch White House Down. They are bot essentially the same plot except White House Down lacks a tad bit more cheesiness and has better action. Also, Jamie Foxx just makes a charming president. He never takes the role so seriously he can’t also have some fun with it. Roland Emmerich is the director as well and he’s directed his fair share of disaster movies like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow so it was only time he would take on the white house.

Summary: Cale has a lot going on. He is trying to reconnect with his daughter, and plans a day at the White House to tour with her. He’s also applying to become a secretive service member for the president, but Finnerty, the boss, isn’t impressed with his interview. Cale though is focused on making it a good day for his daughter though, who doesn’t even refer to him as dad. When a group of men attack the white house in an act of revenge though he finds that he doesn’t only need to keep his daughter safe, but the president as well.

Acting: It seems many perceive Channing Tatum differently. He is either eye candy, a bad actor, or someone who is getting better at acting and being taken more seriously with time. I do think people are taking him more seriously over time, especially after he did 21 Jump Street. With his White House Down performance as Cale I think he is also showing he has the chops to be a an action star as well, and it probably suits him most if he is looking to get out of the whole only being eye candy thing. Plus, this movie is still better than G.I. Joe any day. Jamie Foxx is President Sawyer. I liked Foxx’s portrayal of being president better than I thought I would. He came off as a likable guy, and while unrealistic he was all about getting things done and did. Maggie Gyllenhal never does anything that I personally find interesting, and she wasn’t interesting as Finnerty either. James Wood is also Walker, and does well in his role, and Richard Jenkins plays Ralpheson and well reminds me of Jenkins in a lot of other roles. Joey King is the daughter, Emily, and for a younger person in the movie I felt she stood out among the cast.

Filming: The movie captures the action well and I thought the special effects were well done. Emmerich is good at painting a backdrop and then letting the movie be painted on that. While you can tell it’s special effects it all matches to the point that at least in the context of the movie it all looks like it is apart of the same scene.

Plot: At over two hours I thought the plot did grow old. I’d rather a movie like this run shorter. There is only so much character development you can have in a movie like this without it getting cheesy and it does get cheesy. Most notably there is one character who makes it really cheesy. Donnie The Guide was a character they could have gotten rid of after the place was over run by hostages. His character only lessens the overall plot of the movie with some very out of place scenes. It’s basically like the movie thinks it’s gotten the crowd attached to the survivors and now that they are getting payback he can do lame stuff and the audience will cheer him on. As far as characters outside of that I enjoy them.

White House Down is the highlight of action movies in a year where there hasn’t been too many to really watch in the first place. It has good acting from most the cast, and it doesn’t have these lame scenes, or at least as many, that detract from the vibe of the movie. The scenes look well shot and for the most part I did get attached to the characters.

Rating 7 of 10.

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