418 of 1001 Albums: Go Go’s Beauty and the Beat

Yes! Just what I’ve been waiting for. A catchy, cool, new wave, female band. I’m definitely picking up this vinyl. Anyways, this album was a lot of fun, and once I remembered they were the writers and performers of “We Got the Beat” I was very excited. There is probably no person who doesn’t know the Go Go’s tunes.

History: The Go Go’s debuted their album in 1981, and incorporated the sounds of California into their album. The album would go on to be at number one on the Billboards and a club hit. The album was a hit also critically, and has been garnered for pioneering new wave music. It’s also credited with be an inspiration for music after it, with many coves of their songs following.  Even celebrities have noted the impact the album had on their lives early on.

Vocals: Belinda Carlisle is the vocalist and perhaps the one who would have the claim to most fame after the band took a hiatus. Her vocals are really catchy, and I enjoy them, but I could easily see her vocals being divisive to those who listen to the band. She sings with a pretty high range. She does have that cool California related tone to her vocals that make the songs that much funner to listen to.Charlotte Caffey and Kathy Valentine on backing vocals also do make the songs a lot better though like on song like “We Got the Beat”. The chorus come together is what makes it that much more catchy.

Instrumentals:  This was the first band with all female performers who wrote and played the instruments. That just gives the band a huge grounding as it is instrumentally. Anyways, Charlotte Caffey on lead guitar is something very catchy to listen to. As Belinda Carlisle’s voice captures the state their from and that beach vibe her guitar does a great job of keeping with that tone. Gina Schock contributes with a good rhythm on the drums. While Kathy Valentine is on bass. Jane Wieldlin also plays with a great rhythm guitar sound.

Recording: New wave in general is a very 80’s genre. It lit up then, and died down a lot before the 80’s were over. It still exists but definitely not on the scale it did. With the fun mixing of pop, rock, and new wave sounds the band has this sound that has withstood the time of being appealing. Just this being the first female band to perform and write music and release an album is huge though.

Go Go’s have a good sound, and it’s no question as to what made them popular, and a hit in the clubs at the time. The group though has a very particular sound though, and a lot of it’s heavily related to the 80’s making it something that understandably seems like an album that would be a love it or hate it. I loved it though, and thought from the beginning with “Our Lips Are Sealed” that the album had me. The songs keep it mixed up enough but in the same style to have fans.

Rating 9 of 10.

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