Saturday Movies: Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim is like a geeky boys dream movie. Nothing is wrong with that, but it definitely leaves the room  a way to get wrote off easier than other movies. Guillermo Del Toro may even be a geek himself, but with past movies he’s proven he’s got Oscar notoriety.  Even if the story is lacking a bit in this movie, the visual effects are the most spectacular you’ll see in a movie this year. The actors also make the movie a bit better even if their characters aren’t to be the most interesting of the lot.

Summary: To battle an enemy, Kaiju, that has been raging war on earth for a while a defender was created called the Jaeger. When the Jaegers find themselves losing more and more battles the government resigns them from their job of battling the Kaiju. Stacker knows there is no better defense though so takes the remaining team of those who operate Jaeger’s underground to begin putting together their own force. Yancey is enlisted as well to operate a Jaeger, but he’s lost his partner leaving him in the hopes that a trainee can be is co-pilot.

Acting: Charlie Hunman is one of the stars in the movie, and it’s his first huge role in a huge summer movie. Human is Yancey and I felt that he did hold his own, but he also did seem a lot like his character Jax, from Sons of Anarchy. It isn’t really his fault though I don’t think because it’s not the role really had a lot to show about it. Rinko Kikuchi is Mako, the trainee, I thought she was good and interesting in her role as well. Idris Elba is Stacker, and I thought he was one of the stand outs because he gave some depth to his characters that many of the others did not have. Charlie Day is Dr. Newton, and I also thought he was one of the more entertaining ones as well. Burn Gorman was Gottlieb, and I felt his character was the most overacted of the bunch. Plus, it made no sense why this 30 something guy is acting like he is much older.

Filming: The special effects are very well done. With each shot you feel you’re looking at something really happening. I can’t even say the same for White House Down, and it didn’t even deal with gigantic robots and aliens. This movie makes every shot just seem very smooth in how it puts together, and all the special effects just blend with the surroundings very well.

Plot: The plot is pretty simple. You have these robots getting defeated, they retire them, but the world really needs them so they come back to kick butt. There are some other things left to question though like where in the heck did those Kaiju things originate from or whatever? In the span of the plot though it never really matter, and the scientist seem just as curious as me to know. The characters though just aren’t that interesting, even though they do try to give them reasons that have brought them to be involve with this project.

Pacific is better than what you might expect. I think if I had to sum this movie up it’s like Godzilla and Transformers had a baby. There is something about the characters though that don’t quite intrigue despite the fancy special effect work. Even the actors are pretty good, but something about the development with them never resonates.

Rating 7 of 10.

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