Wednesday Movie Night: Red (2010)

Red seems to be one of the better movies Robert Schwentke brought to the screen. Not many seemed fond of R.I.P.D., and neither The Time Traveler’s Wife. More seemed welcoming of Red. He didn’t return to direct the sequel though, so that might explain why some didn’t enjoy it as much. Anyways, Red didn’t blow me away, but it kept me entertained as long as I had someone to help me weave through the plot line.

Summary: Frank Moses is retired, and is talking to a woman thta he believes has serious potential. He makes plans to visit Sarah, the women he hopes to pursue a relationship with. Before he can get started on his retirement plans though an assassin black op is sent to kill him. In order to fight back, and figure out why he has been targeted he is going to have to get back together his old team. This includes Joe, Marvin, and Victoria who are all potential targets as well. Not only that, but Frank has gotten Sarah involved and has to protect her too.

Acting: Bruce Willis’ Frank is what the story revolves around. Even though Frank seems like the weakest character. The others are by far more interesting than him. I think while Red is a better movie that Willis has done, if wants to keep his career a live then he’s going to have to try to make at least his roles more interesting. The predictability is just boring. Thankfully, there is a cast of other other characters though. Mary Louise Parker provides a bit of the romance with Sarah and her relationship with Frank. There is almost Morgan Freeman as Joe, but nothing new really there. The two huge highlights of the movie are Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. Mirren is Victoria, and it shows that Mirren is just as good as she ever was. Whether she wants to be The Queen, a lady kicking butt, or making a guy eat a corpse in an artsy film, she owns it. John Malkovich is a huge salvaging part of the movie as well. The common denominator in all his characters seem to be his stand-offish, jerk ways. He brings more humor to the guy driven insane by his job in this one, and it makes for at least some laughs constantly throughout the movie.

Filming: The director has a lot of fun with directing this movie, and he does some nice creative styles that almost give the movie a comic like appearance that fits with the fantasies of the character, Sarah. I thought it was creative and did add something to the movie to make it interesting to watch. Plus, the music is well placed with scenes to convey just how tough these people are even though they’ve gotten older. It makes the humor hit harder.

Plot: The plot was a little confusing at times for me. Sometimes, particularly with movies like this, the more government involved something gets the more I struggle to keep up. Between the action, the romance, and the mystery of what is happening there is a lot to focus on. The action is great though, and I even liked the blend of romance though not who would you expect. It isn’t Willis and Louise Park that are the ones that are the romantic leads to watch.

If you’re looking for one of the better action movies released in the past few years then Red qualifies to be on that list. While Willis himself is just well his usual, the other cast shines though. Though if you usually like Willis in his roles then you will still like him in this though. It still remains to be solved whether this movie needed a sequel though as the first felt it summed up what we needed to get from the movie.

Rating 7 of 10.

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