14 of 1001 Songs: The Very Best’s Rain Dance (Featuring M.I.A.)

I like The Very Best, but felt M.I.A.’s appearance on the song took away from it. The African and hip hop beat sounds are very well established on the album, but then her voicing just feels like it doesn’t match with the whole rhythm of the tune. There are some instances where her vocals work, but not exactly with this group.

History: This song is a collaboration of a DJ group, RadioClit, and a singer, Esau, as depicted on the cover art. For this tune they brought in M.I.A. There isn’t very much known regarding this tune, or the making of it, but the album it’s from, Warm Heart of Africa was a success for the group. They won an award for one of the songs on the album, and had several collaborations on the album.

Vocals: Esau Mwamwaya has good vocals that match the vibe that is going on with the album. With the flow of the hip hop and the African styled beats you have music that his voicing fits in well with. M.I.A’s voicing sounds much like you would imagine, but there is something about it that took away from the music I was enjoying before and after she was singing. I think it’s because her voice got nasally at some points, and it didn’t go with the lyrics.

Instrumentals: With two of the members being apart of a DJ group there is a lot of talent mixing the music to sound good. They are also a production group, so the song turns out to be arranged very well. I think each transition the tune makes, and the effects of the beat do add to the tune. If you’re a fan of this style of music, or looking for something a bit more modernized in the genre then this song is suiting.

Lyrics: Some of the lyrics are in English, well the majority of them are. I think the lyrical content flows well, and it goes with the arrangement of the whole tune. There is something vague about the song that would keep me from listening to it. It seems like it would be obvious up front that they are talking about something, but then you read the lyrics and the song makes less sense. They lyrics sound fun, and like they do have a deeper meaning to them, but no one wants to address what is making them feel washed and wanting to dance.

The Very Best have a good sound, and M.I.A’s vocals do work, but not as much so in the this tune. It’s got a fun beat, and these lyrics to match the whole positive notion happening. Vague music rarely makes me want to listen to it though as I’m more into something with a bit more of a direct approach to songwriting, and if not then maybe a bit more emotion.

Rating 5 of 10.

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