Becoming the Ultimate Outsider at every state park in South Carolina

I love lists and what better lists to complete than one with a prize at the end. This weekend I started my goal and challenge to visit all 47 state parks in South Carolina. South Carolina state parks have a great way of encouraging people to get out and visit them, which inspired me.

The program to visit all 47 state parks is called The Ultimate Outsider. You can purchase the Official South Carolina State Park Guide online or at a park. We visited Paris Mountain State Park near Greenville this weekend to pick up a guide, and go on a short hike around Lake Placid. The guide is $2 plus taxes unless you order online where it’s $4. You get a $2 coupon on a park visit though.. You don’t have have to do anything but visit the park to receive a stamp in your guide.

It’s important to remember to not forget your guide like I would do. The stamp goes in your guide on the park page you visited. You can get a stamp from the visitor center from someone or at a kiosk. Once you have filled the guide with a stamp for each park you have a park ranger verify your stamp and books. You complete a verification form, which is then submitted to the central office. A t-shirt commemorating you visited all 47 parks is then mailed to you.

We’ve visited two state parks on the list, but I have to revisit Oconee Station State Historic Site because I was unaware of the program when I first visited. I was already wanting to revisit for a short hike and other trails in the area, so it works out.

I’ve found short hikes at the parks I’ve researched so far to do when we go to the state parks. Some people who have taken on the challenge have completed visiting the 47 parks in 4 days. I definitely don’t strive to do it that quickly, but we’ll see where the next year visiting around the state will take us. We also plan on revisiting Paris Mountain State Park for longer hikes during the fall season. The Lake Placid hike was a great stroll. The furthest parks are the coastal parks, which range in 3 to 4 hours of driving time for us, so those won’t be completed as fast as ones in easier driving distance.

I hope everyone enjoys reading about our updates as we knock out more state parks. I’ll be providing a way to access where we’ve been as we complete more trails at the parks too. This also calls for us to probably pick up a park passport in the coming months as well.

Does your state have similar programs for state parks? 
Would you be up for visiting all the state parks in your state? 

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