Ways to Commemorate Women’s History Month

I believe it’s important to remember and learn from what previous women have taught us, especially the women’s rights activist that paved the way for where we are. I don’t think it’s fair to not pinpoint or discuss the inequality wrongs of our society. I think researching and seeing how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go is a great way to not be in denial about the inequality that still happens worldwide. So here are some ways I’ll be taking in my recognition of what the month is about.

Researching Historical Women

I was going to make a list of women I found inspiring, but when I went to do research I was overwhelmed and inspired by how many women have come and gone, and still exist, who are making differences worldwide. I don’t think you can put a list on how important one is to me.  Everyone from Sojourner Truth to Malala Yousafzai are and have made a difference. 

Learning More About the Women of the Bible

We hear a lot about the guys of the Bible, but to be honest when reading the Bible it’s difficult to overlook that women were making quite a difference too. The Bible is a mixture of perspectives of women. Everything from women given the authority to judge and prophesize, to women who are told to keep silent and stay in tents while menstruating.   

Attempt to Make Insightful Posts About Inspiring Women 

I get fright when trying to making posts like this because I don’t want to tread on copyright laws. Is there anything that someone doesn’t own these days? Knowledge I learned in the fourth grade can’t be attributed to my own knowledge anymore, but I would have to go and find a source for it. It’s get scary, and if you don’t credit it right then good luck. Maybe that was just a fear instilled in college though? 

I would love to share some of the women that fascinate and inspire though, plus I want to share more about Biblical women because I think they don’t get talked about enough. 

Don’t Belittle Other Women

I try to not gossip. I could be wrong, but it seems to be a feminine trait, but I think talking about women in a way that belittles them isn’t helping the cause of progressing women. The more we continue to define women by reproduction, who they are married to, how they dress, their size, and race then the further we set ourselves back.

How are you keeping in mind, and sharing the importance of women in history and now, this month?

Letting Go Of Control

I’m about to write a blog about letting go of control, while my head begins to slightly pound. I love to make up my mind about things, and have a specific destination in line for things I’m doing. I don’t like when even the slightest thing could throw these things off balance. This could be getting up that day feeling unexpectedly sluggish, a throbbing headache, or even finding out I may not be able to travel because the weather became horrendous there. I have to say I’m not the best of handing over control to the circumstances when I’ve made up my mind to do something.

Slowly and with much pushing I’m trying to accept some things you can’t control, but you can make up your mind about one thing, deal with the out of your control circumstances with your best attitude.

This doesn’t mean I’ve mastered the art of shoving a real smile on my face, and happily giving up or changing what I hoped to do. I do try to at least reassure myself of how silly it is when I do get upset, or how silly I look, which is much worse than just feeling silly. There are much bigger things at stake though when I fail to control the one thing I can though, which is my attitude.

The main reason I want to let go of becoming upset about these things that’ll pass is because it affects the ones I love much longer than it might affect me in a moment. To be honest when I’ve went on trips and enjoyed myself, I have to say I’ve forgotten if I felt bad that day or not, but if I let it get to me, then I remember it not for what I want to.

I think it’s okay to make up your mind about what you would like to do, eat, or explore, but I’m continually now reminding myself that if it doesn’t go as planned then it isn’t the end of the world, and you shouldn’t treat it as such. That sounds like a concept you’re supposed to learn early on, but I know I can’t be the only one who has had to try to accept the lack of control you have over things. I would rather keep in mind enjoying the moments I’m travelling there or planning with my husband, than how I react if things don’t go as I made them up to be.

So for future reminder to me at least, forget the obstacles, try to go with the flow, and enjoy the time you’re spending doing, and if you can’t then don’t make it anyone’s business to drag you down with you. That is what I can make up my mind to do.

Making Lemonade when Life Gives You Lemons

Today you are probably sitting inside without any power, or you’re at least trapped in by snow or ice. That is at least the situation in Georgia right now. The good news is, it’s melting quickly, but for many we’re still trapped in. In situations like this it can feel like life has handed you some lemons. Everything is closed, the power is more than likely out, it’s cold, and you have nowhere to drive to. There is some lemonade I’m sure that can be made from this. It does look pretty, and it makes for some beautiful photos. You may have to cringe to say that, but it’s an attempt at least to make lemonade even if it’s a bit sour.

The ice was a lot thicker than this when I woke up, but I sadly didn’t get any photos of it till blocks of it were falling from trees.

There is some green outside, and it made for an interesting contrast between what we hope to see more in the coming months and less of.

This was basically what it looked like here from the afternoon yesterday to the early afternoon today.  I don’t know I’ve seen this much ice in my life. It definitely was one of those days I could feel I had been handed a lemon. It was cold, couldn’t travel, but there were some moments to be made into lemonades. I have some lovely photos now, and thankfully the power in the area powered on. That was crazy because of the amount of trees and limbs snapping.

Do you make lemonade when life hands you lemons?

Did you have a snow or ice day in your area? 

The Aspiring Scapbooker

The only type of craft I enjoy is scrapbooking, and  I’m not hardcore aspiring maker of creative pages. I approach scrapbooking about with the most basic simplicity I can. At some point maybe I will be more inspired to make a page symbolizing all my feelings with a photo, but for now I’m much more set on accomplishing some basic goals for the pages. If you’re a starter who is overwhelmed with the more serious aspect of it, and is just wanting a fancy photo album instead here is what I do.

Capturing the Events

Now I think it’s highly admirable if you can make some of the pages I’ve seen. They take patience, and the use of much decor and paper to put one together. Mine are much simpler, and honestly only a step up from a blank photo page. My main goal is to chronicle life through the photos I have. I rely more on that than a theme for the page at the moment. I pick a few photos, then a way to line them up, and then paste them to them page

I didn’t start using stickers when I first began scrapbooking, and I didn’t even use patterned paper. I started out with photos, some color patterns on the page, and piecing together the extra pieces with photos I had from what I was chronicling. For example, on my Easter page I copied the paper they handed out at the service, and then shrunk it to fit on the page with my photos from that Sunday.


Once I found stickers though, it was like I couldn’t make a page lacking in stickers. The wedding photo page is one of my favorites I’ve made with stickers, especially since the placement added a nice touch. I have an assortment of other stickers to use, and I’ve found it makes it easier to go back and decorate pages I’ve already made.

Themed Pages
I don’t always used themed pages, but I’ve become a lot more into using them. For my wedding photos they added a lot of life without having to use too many other graphics or additional things. They are also simple enough to not overwhelm what I want to showcase, the photos.
Most of all I scrapbook for my memories. I found that with the digital age a lot of people have stopped making or putting together photo albums. Most our albums can be found on Facebook or Instagram. They are quick shots, and they upload to the web for forever keeps. I wanted something more personal though, and that I could look through on the comfort of my recliner and not stooped over a computer light. 
Are you into craft projects?

What was the last craft you completed?

New Year’s Resolutions Struggles

At the beginning of the month I made some plans to work on in 2015. One of these resolutions was to chronicle and observe nature more, and that was a fail so far. These were things I was already doing, but I wanted to keep to better. I don’t believe in going zero to hundred with something. So if I don’t go to the gym I’m not going to say “I’m starting the gym January 2nd.” I’ll fail with that. Remember though I don’t believe in giving others advice on how to do their resolutions or whether you should make them. In my opinion no one way works for another.

I struggled to keep up with mine at the predictable time of when most people do, which is a few weeks into January. It’s not an excuse, but I let stuff begin to keep me from it. I still aspire to work on them though, and there are days like today, I’m great about it, and others where I struggle. Here is why I feel I should continue on, and the reason I wouldn’t if I felt the resolutions were something to quit on.

Why do I keep the resolutions? 

I keep them because I find value in the potential benefits of sticking to them. Not only does it prove a strength to myself to show I can continue to maintain a good habit, but it also gives you positive energy. If I knew I got up that day and had my tea and shake, and then did an hour of reading, I feel energized for the day. My blogs even become easier to write.

I don’t want to become so wound on eating healthy or doing certain things it eats my life, but I do feel there is health value in certain habits I was neglecting. I have no idea why now, but I really had no interest in exercising, hiking, or reducing things like soda in the past, but now it’s become important to me. I’v noticed positive changes health wise since I made minor changes.

Why would I not keep resolutions?

There are reasons I might give up resolutions. If I ever felt something was beginning to consume my life or make me react negatively, then I would need to break or cut it. For example, I don’t think it’s healthy to be so caught up that you have to have to see this show at a certain time, and if you miss it your world begins to feel like a failure. You could substitute the show for taking a certain vitamin, exercising, or even when you have your meals. I’ve often been thinking lately about what makes something an idol, and I think when something begins to dictate your life it makes it one.

If a resolutions also became meaningless to me, I would also give it up. There is no reason to continue a resolution you genuinely don’t want to do. I like to feel a reason behind what I do, and if it ceased to exist then so would my want to do it. That is relevant to the person though.

Have you kept your new year resolutions? 
Why or why not? 

Morning Routines Are Tough

Supposedly, this week of January is when people are most likely to break their resolutions. I can attest to this being true. I didn’t completely loose sight of continuing on with some changes I’m trying to make, but I could tell my shift in motivation. This was most noticeable in my attempt to establish a better morning routine. I’ve been trying to get up earlier and earlier, but instead of just jumping into the time I want to get up, I’m working my way back to it. This week I was not being strict on getting up at my new time, nor scheduling in my new routines for the morning in an attempt to get healthier.

Waking Up so I Can Sleep Earlier

A huge part of rearranging my schedule is because my husband gets up a lot earlier than I do, and I want to make it easier to wake up with him. I’m use to going to bed late, and while I sleep no more than the average person, it causes me to have to sleep later to catch up on the sleep I missed. I do struggle to fall asleep, I always have since I was a kid, but since opting to go about this new routine and slowly waking earlier, I’ve noticed a great shift in my ability to sleep. It isn’t always as ideal as I would imagine, but I can tell it’s better.

Drinking a Multi-Pure shake 

I also have been trying to make it more of a routine to take my supplements and vitamins during the morning. Over the past few days I’ve been struggling with this one, and doing it about mid-day. That is still okay, but I want to get back to taking it first thing in the morning. It sets up a better vibe for motivation that day.

Starting The Morning With a Black Tea

There are a few reasons I  want to make drinking black tea a daily habit, mostly to do with the health benefits associated with it. It is a great morning tea to begin with because it naturally higher in caffeine than most teas and many antioxidants. I  quit this one this past week, but I’m hoping to revive my ability to motivate myself to do this this upcoming week. It’s difficult though because I think I need to eat as well if I drink tea in the morning.

Reading the Bible

I also have been trying to read a chapter of the Bible a day more, and sometimes if you’re going to bed you may be too exhausted to put a lot of effort or remember what you just read, so making it a morning routine along with the nightly routine I work on seemed fitting. It’s also a nice way to clear my thoughts of stress I might wake up to, and focus on my faith putting smaller things to mute.

What are morning routines you enjoy or are you trying to establish better ones?

Movies To Watch Over and Over

I used to rewatch movies all the time, but it has been a while since I’ve watched some of my favorite movies. I don’t know if could watch them monthly, but if I found them on television I would be sure to stop there. One thing is for sure, I would watch these movies over, if not multiple times  a year.

One movie I discovered last year I plan to watch this year on my anniversary trip with my husband. About Time I watched on my honeymoon, and I found it very romantic, of course the atmosphere made it even better. As a surprise for Christmas, my husband bought me the DVD to rewatch with him this year. It helps that he enjoys the movie as much as I do.

I almost own every Wes Anderson movie except The Life Aquatic. I can watch any of them again, but others I watch more than others like Moonrise Kingdom or Rushmore. I love the cinematography, the characters, and the music that is paired together in the movie. I’m sure that almost every group I love from the 60’s is played once in on of his movies.

There are movies I haven’t watched in a while that I hope to watch again very soon. (500) Days of
Summer is one I haven’t seen since me and my husband met. It is one of my favorites, and shaped a lot my ideas after watching it. I think most anyone can relate to the concepts discussed and explored in the movie.

Another one it’s been a time since I’ve seen, but I’m sure I would love just as much nowadays is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I don’t think any movie I’ve seen since this one has conquered the depth of emotion and realism this one does, while also giving us a dose of surrealism and existentialism on top of it. It will make you think of love with more courage, and yet also question the depths of the mind.

Into the Wild is a movie I’ve been craving most to see again. I’ve seen it maybe four times already, and I’ve always loved it. It could be the release of Wild making me want to see it. With Eddie Vedder providing the soundtrack, and the true story of guy who was wandering for something more, I couldn’t help but feel emotionally involved in this movie.

What movies could watch again every month? 

Books To Read Over Again

There is one book that I’ve read twice and that I plan to read again, but there other books that I also plan to read again yet I haven’t made it back around to again. Unlike movies or television that are easier to rewatch, it takes much more time to pick up a book and to begin reading it again. Along with the one I read twice already, there are others I’m picking up again.

I was only going to write about The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and then I realized I’ve already made several blogs about it. This is the book I’ve read twice, which makes sense since it is a short book. You could consume it in a day or less if committed to it. I find as I grow older that this book’s themes stick with me. It captures high school in a real way, but the sense of belonging, troubled past, and the overall arching journey are one that can’t help but feel real.

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, and there are actually a few books I could reread from him. 11/22/63 is one of my recent favorites from him that I definitely want to make a go around at once again. Another I loved from Stephen King also makes for one of my favorite Halloween reads to get out, Pet Semetary. There is no book I’ve read that is spookier yet grasps at the real depths of grief like this one does. I have chills just recalling it.

A series that I enjoyed that I rarely mention on the blog is The Harry Potter series. I do plan on going back to reread this one, but I think it’s intimidated me a good bit. When I first read this I was in a very particular state of mind that suited the book. It was a series I didn’t even expect to enjoy, so I didn’t read it until I was 21. J.K Rowling has such a way with writing characters that I was pulled into this series though. Rowling so far has proven to be one of my favorite writers.

Another novel I hope to read again is East of Eden from John Steinbeck. I don’t easily consume classics, but this one was notable and easy to relate to for me. I think it says a lot for the future of what I enjoy regarding books. The dark elements aren’t horror, but they feel so humanely real they are frightening. To go back and read this one again will mean allotting much time to digest and take in even the smaller intricacies of this novel that might have been first missed upon reading.

Now this will shock, and perhaps ruin any credit from my reading taste by the aforementioned, but I read the Twilight series and enjoyed them. I get they completely go against a lot of values and progressiveness that society wants, but I hate to say it but any girl who hasn’t had a real relationship and enjoys this story just finds something exciting about it. At the time I read this it was just fun. That is the only way to sum it up. Now I don’t know that I would have the same feeling reading it now, but I had such fond memories of reading this book that I can’t but be curious about whether I could pick up why I enjoyed it.

What books would you go back and read every year?

New Year New Explorations

Of late I have a tendency to not branch out, especially when it comes down to what I watch and listen to. I have gotten better about exploring books I wouldn’t normally read about becoming more serious about the 1001 book list I’m working through. Now I’m trying to practice the same discipline I would with the 100 music and movie list to continue finding new things to keep me listening.


Of all the interests I explore, I’ve had an uphill battle with retaining my excitement about music. I still love music, but most of the time turning on the MP3 Player doesn’t do it for me anymore. I have more records now, and when I do want to listen to music it’s a much more enjoyable way to listen. For the past few years I’ve listened to a lot of the same artists though. The National, Bob Dylan, Sucre, and Talking Heads can be commonly found rotating on my playlists, but I’ve been trying to branch out an add new ones which I have like Tears for Fears, and I’ve revived my interest in bands I enjoyed but stopped listening to as much like She and Him and Nico. I believe I’m growing back toward my interest in music, but it’s much deeper and technical than it was at one point instead of the emotional sense.


I do explore new movies more often than I explore new music. Even movies though I have made less time for, which is a shame. I hope by the end of the year I will be watching a lot more, especially ones I’ve wanted to see but I haven’t made time for. I just recently rented The Broken Circle Breakdown. It’s an indie movie I’ve been meaning to check out for a while, and since it wasn’t on my list I wasn’t making time to just pick it up and watch it outside of that. I also don’t even make a whole lot of time to watch old favorites, which I hope to.

As for actors though, I usually don’t pick movies depending on who is in it. There are some actors that deter me from seeing movies but not many.


If I’m bad about exploring new music and movies, then I’m definitely bad about exploring new authors. I think my favorite author for the past decade has been Stephen King. I may never have another favorite author, but I hope to at least expand my knowledge of other author’s works. I just began reading the Game of Thrones series upon recommendation by my husband, and so far I’ve enjoy going outside of what I would usually read and finding I enjoy the series.


Lastly, I used to enjoy television a whole more than I do now. Nowadays you don’t have to watch television when it’s live though right? You can view it online on your tablet, your phone, and now even with television built in with instant access. I had fallen out of love with television though, and the amount available online is a bit overwhelming, but since meeting my husband a couple of years ago I’ve slowly garnered a lot more television I watch.

My husband watched shows like Dexter and Sons of Anarchy, which I got into. Before that the only thing I watched scripted was The Walking Dead and Lost, and a bunch of reality television. Now I’ve many more shows, and I continue to explore even unexpected shows I enjoy like Psych or Chuck with my husband. I’ve took up a few shows on my own out of curiosity though like Galavant.

What new entertainment have you found recently? 

Do you tend to read, listen to, or watch what you know instead of exploring different books, movies or authors? 

Holly’s Restaurant Pickings

I’m not a huge visitor to restaurants. Mainly because I don’t eat too much because I get sick easy. Because of my inability to enjoy food I also don’t eat much in general. I have it charted out to eat twice a day. Sometimes I get bold, and I go out to eat though, and recently my interest in restaurant was revived. I had been eating at chain restaurants, but hadn’t had much a desire to go back to them. I hadn’t ate at many local places, but I ate at this great place in Dahlonega, Georgia that got me excited about visiting local eateries, and it helped that they had a great selection of wine and beer to go with the food. I have specific safe foods I always go to to order though, which usually involves fish and chicken. I don’t like to mix it up too much outside of those two meats as I actually don’t like beef and pork is bad unhealthy, so here are a list of things I don’t usually veer outside of when ordering a meal from a restaurant.

A sandwich will do.

Chicken Tenders

These are a must order for me, if  I can’t find anything else I want to get curious about on the menu. I don’t order them as much, but there are times when I can’t find anything else to order, and instead go for an old favorite.


There is one fish that is usually a safe bet on the menu, and many restaurants do cook this fish, as it can be styled and easily prepared. It’s also conveniently my favorite fish to eat. You can eat it with or without sauce as well, and it be just as good.

Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are another great bet when ordering food, and if you are unsure of what side to get. If you screw up potatoes, well there may be no hope for your restaurant. At the last local restaurant I ate, I ended up ordering tilapia and mashed potatoes, and it was the perfect pairing.

A salad is a safe bet as well.

Spicy foods

Just as there are foods I’m prone to order, there are ones I avoid ordering. A month ago I did order food with something as mildly hot as chipotle sauce on it, and I regretted it. Spicy food can actually make my stomach sick, and no matter how good the food might be, it isn’t worth it.


I also don’t order desserts usually. I share a plate with someone if I do. I don’t usually enjoy them, and they are much likely to make me sick, especially since I don’t handle dairy well.

There you go, my restaurant ordering has a strict routine. Mostly it’s for the sake of my stomach, as I’m food sensitive. I definitely hope to focus more on eating at local places, especially since you can order the same types of food and always end up with variety in how it’s prepared.

Do you order the same foods when eating at a restaurant?

What are some of your favorite restaurants to eat at?